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Mrs. Moenho,  M.A. 

Spanish Essentials

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Welcome Back to PVHS!

I have been a teacher at PVHS for over 20 years and teaching since 1988.

Colleges attended include CA State Sacramento, PLNC, SDSU, Simpson College, and Azusa  Pacific University.  My B.A. degree is in Psychology and Communication Studies;   K-12 Teaching credential; M.A. is in Special Education.  Supplementary certificates/authorizations in ESL/Linguistics and History.

 I lived in Greece and Portugal, working as an English as a Second Language Teacher.   I can speak a bit of Portuguese! I studied French in high school and college but currently teach beginning Spanish and Study Skills.  

In my free time, I like to travel, hike and spend time with my family and my golden retriever. 

Google Classroom is my online management system.

Duolingo for independent practice.



Period Course Google Classroom Code
5 Study Skills e57h7qy
6 Spanish Essentials jpepr27
7 Spanish Essentials ojnr74t

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