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My name is Frank Puebla and I am a retired/former United States Marine and the current Naval Science Instructor for The Paloma Valley NJROTC Mighty Wildcat Battalion. In addition to that, I am a self-proclaimed Lover of Leadership and Hunter in Human-Excellence. I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school in 1991 and retired in 2011. I retired on a Friday and starting working at Paloma Valley the following Monday. I've been here ever since and I can proudly state that every year we've continued to improve. Although returning after a year and a half of distant learning will provide unique and unusual challenges, I am confident we will be able to adapt and overcome.

NJROTC is a character developing program that emphasizes citizenship and leadership. I am honored to contribute to the leadership development of all my cadets. Although each period will have all 4 levels of Naval Science, this year I will take the lead for all the Naval Science 1's and 2's (NS1/NS2) while the CWO5 will take the lead for NS3s and NS4s. We will be in close communications about each others courses/cadets.

We will be using Google Classroom for instruction and communication. We will also use the NJROTC website: to pass directives and share information, so please make it a habit to check/visit it often. You will be able to link to our Google Classroom via our Canvas landing page.

In closing I look forward to learning a growing alongside each of my cadets. I have an open door policy and can always be reached via my email:  

Strength & Honor

Frank M. Puebla

MSgt (ret) USMC

Naval Science Instructor PVHS

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