Course Selection Guide

Last Updated: 1/31/2022 9:16 PM

March 5th Deadline


It is time to select your classes for next school year. Please follow the steps to help you through the process. You will have until March 5th to finalize your class selection, classes will be locked after that date. If classes are not selected by the deadline, your counselor will select the classes for you.

*Remember to Complete the Online Registration to Lock in your Courses


Step 1



Enroll your student for the 2022 - 2023 school year


Step 2



Watch instructional video on course selection

Step 3

Review classes by grade level

Look over 4 year plan


PVHS 4 year plan


Important Note: These Course Selection Sheets are for Visual purposes only.  All Current PVHS Students must use the Academic Planner in their Infinite Campus Account. 

All incoming 10th graders must select 7 classes

All incoming 11th graders must select 7 classes


The amount of classes 12th graders need to meet the graduation requirements varies by student and the number of credits completed.

Step 4

Log into your Infinite Campus to get access to the academic planner


Infinite Campus logo



Infinte Campus

Click Here


Step by Step instructions on Academic Planner:

Step 1: Go to Academic Planner 

Academic Planner


Step 2: Select an Academic Plan

Select the desired Post Grad Location and your Post Grad Pans. Click the Next button when finished


Step 3: Start selecting your classes for next school-year by grade level, make sure you choose an English and a Social Science then Hit the Save Button on the Top Left hand Corner. Once you have done that now you have access to all your other classes that you can choose. 

Academic Plan (Portal)


Step 4: Utilize the Course Description Tool at the top of the page to learn more about the classes offered at Paloma

How to Read a Course Description


Step 5: Make sure you selected the number of classes needed

If the Class Selected Turns Red


Step 6: Make sure you save your course Selection

Saving Course Requests


Step 7: How to access your graduation progress

How to access your graduation progress


If the box on the last right column is green, you are on track to meet the requirements for the section. If the box is red, you will not have sufficient credits to meet the requirements for that section. Talk to your counselor for options to fulfill that requirement.

Academic plan progress report


Step 9: How to Gain Access to your transcript

How to access your transcripts


You did it, you now selected your courses for the 2021-2022 School Year!