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Math Department Staff

Janet Bhalla
Geometry, Algebra 2 Restart, Consumer Math

Princess Choi-Carlson
Computer Science Discoveries, AP Computer, Science Principles, AP Computer Science

Jesse Flores
Consumer Math, BARR Algebra 1

Herminia Gaxiola
Geometry Restart, Math Analysis, MSJC Math 110

Elena Gartel
Algebra 2, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC

Sean Kusick
Algebra 2, BARR Algebra 1

Joana Luna
Algebra 1, BARR Algebra 1, Algebra 2

Elizabeth Lyman
Geometry, BARR Algebra 1

Michael Mesa
Technology Math, Finance With Advanced Algebra, Pre Calculus

Chris Rabing
Geometry (Ag), Credit Recovery

Miguel Saucedo
Geometry, BARR Algebra 1

Ed Simons
Geometry, Astronomy & Space Science