Last Updated: 5/19/2020 6:30 PM

JOURNALISM: Yearbook “El Perrisito, The Legacy” & Newspaper “P-Town Press”

What is Yearbook?

Yearbook is a class and a club that lets students capture their high school memories and publish them in a professional-style publication. Students attend yearbook during 4th period as a regular class, and then work on the pages both inside and outside of class. Students take photographs of the school year, people, school events, etc. to then organize and publish it as the school yearbook.

What is Newspaper?

Newspaper is a class and a club as well which is in charge of the publication, The P-Town Press. The responsibilities and duties are much the same as in yearbook – in fact some of the article information and pictures are shared between the two. The newspaper articles cover events, activities and people in a more current perspective – much the same as a real newspaper.

Why should you join Journalism: Newspaper/Yearbook?

There are many positive aspects that can come from joining Journalism. You will be involved in doing something important. You will learn about and perform better in caption writing, story writing, interviewing, picture taking, creating layouts, designs, and general computer use. Journalism will also you to prepare for the real world. It is a great resume builder; there are numerous opportunities for leadership within the two publications; you can learn about publishing, journalism and selling advertisements. Additionally, it will improve your skills in communication, time management, writing, composition, organization, accountability and responsibility, team work, work ethic, business, and shared collaborative project work.

How Do I Sign Up?

You must first complete an application and participate in an informal interview during which your answers on the application will be reviewed. If you want more information, contact Ms. Debbie Georgianna at